About Our Company

Corporate Responsibility

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At Fitzrovia Construction we are committed to carrying out our endeavours within an environment of responsibility and consideration. We are fully aware of the impact that our work has and may have on all aspects of the contexts in which we operate and understand the effect that these factors can have on our striving to fulfill our missions, achieve profit and remain competitive in our operating markets.


We recognise the impact of construction on the environment and therefore we are constantly looking at ways to address issues such as energy use and carbon emissions.

As well as being knowledgeable on green issues, sustainable technologies and building regulation compliance, we work with designers to improve the lifecycle environmental performance of buildings through better planning, smarter procurement and the use of sustainable materials.

Where possible we also address the environmental impact of our operations within our office and by our employees and as far as is practicable mitigate their impact.

Health & Safety

safe_contractor 300wWe understand the risks associate with our operations and take our health and safety responsibilities seriously. We ensure that all of our employees, both direct and sub contracted are competent and adequately resourced to deal with the health and safety risks associated with their work. Operatives who are under our control are provided with information of the relevant risks associated with works and provided with the tools which the need to work safely, report problems or respond appropriately to an emergency.

Where required we are versed and equipped to operate within the CDM Regulations.

We are members of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) CSkills and ensure that our training programme for all employees is sufficiently planned, undertaken and monitored to ensure that we are operating within health and safety guidelines and that our operatives are fully trained and competent in both the tasks that they undertake and in operating on our sites.